The 2022 edition of the Systems Engineering Southern European Tour will be held in virtual and partially hybrid mode, from May 9 to 11.


The detailed programme will be published soon on our website : Program page
It is organised as 6 half-day sessions the individual chapters provide expert presentations, industry promotions,
and invite you all to open discussions around SE’s contributions to sustainability:

9th May, Morning

Afternn Afternoon

10th May, Morning 

Afternn Afternoon

11th May, Morning

Afternn Afternoon

Opening session

AEIS, Spanish Chapter  

AISE, Italian Chapter 

SSSE, Swiss Chapter  

Belgium Chapter

AFIS, French Chapter      



Hybrid (shared with SSSE)*

Hybrid (shared with AISE)*



* Please note that the Italian and Swiss chapters are planning a shared hybrid event near their border on Tuesday.
On-Site tickets are limited, so register early! More details will be announced shortly on the AISE and SSSE websites.



The event is FREE and you are invited to join any or all of the sessions. However, you must register
for tickets on Eventbrite.

Registration is opened and closes before each session.

If you want to un-register for single events (1/2 day slots), you can cancel your order and re-register for the remaining orders.

Thank you very much.